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Recent changes

  • 20-Sep-2013 New Feature : Event Wall.
    • Publish : Application can publish events (AKA like posts):
      • Text, optional. If no text is supplied event will not be shown on Dashboard (but may be drawn by application itself)
      • Application specific data (string, usually JSON), optional
      • Application topic id (opaque identifier value)
    • Comment : Any post can be commented
    • Like  : Any post can be liked
    • Share  : Any post can be shared
  • 18-Sep-2013 New Feature : Application-specific User data in the cloud.
    • Save : Save up to 999 variables (identified by number from 1 to 999) per user. Each value is a string up to 10K bytes (no more then 1M in total)
    • Load : Load current value of variable by API call
    • Clear: Setting var to empty string clears it. For consistency reading absent variable returns empty string as well
  • 08-Aug-2013 New Platform : iOS Native SDK available
  • 29-Jul-2013 New Platform : Android Native SDK available
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